Instruction of creating online booking of hotel accommodation

Instruction of creating online booking of hotel accommodation

Instruction of creating booking online
Website PEGASJORDAN.COM belongs to PEGAS TOURISTIK that allows the customers and travel agencies to check the status of tours / hotels / travel services and to book online as well as to save time and cost for the users.
Through website , PEGASJORDAN.COM, you can choose the most suitable services for yourself. For individual customers, please check the necessary information on our website and contact us directly via Hotline 065827799 or email to be consulted as well as to make a booking. For travel agencies, please login our website by using your personal account provided by

On the Menu bar, select TOUR, this is our online booking’s function.

Here, you can choose the suitable package by selecting the necessary information in the categories such as departure location, country, package, departure date ... Then click Search to wait for the results.


The system will display all results which match your selections. You can check the schedule by clicking on the icon next to the departure date to see the summary tour program.


If you have selected your preferred tour package, please click on the button which displays the price on the right corner of the screen to start creating the booking.

On this page, to create a booking, you need to provide personal information of tourists by clicking on the change button in tourist information section and to fill up the information as the system requests.

Then click on the link of TERMS & CONDITIONS, PAYMENT & CANCELLATION POLICIES to learn more about our policies before clicking on the I AGREE WITH THE PRICE AND ACCEPT… Please check all information again before pressing BOOK button.

After finishing booking process, please make full payment according to website’s instruction. System will send you the confirmation letter automatically via the email that you provided .


If the booking has been paid, the travel document is also ready to be printed.
Click on the button the DOCUMENT window will display.
Now the booking has been completed on our website!
Thank you for choosing products of PEGASJORDAN.COM