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BARBOSSA PIRATE'S cruise from Setur Marina at 9:30 am, passing from the coves of Rat Island, Küçük Çaltıcak and Büyük Çaltıcak, reaches a private beach which can only be approached by yachts at 10:30 and gives a 1-hour swim break, animation on the beach and on the beach. The team performs many pirate games for children. BARBOSSA PIRATE’S moving again at 11:30 hours, Duden Waterfall poured down the Duden PARK Karpuzkaldıran Going towards the waterfall. Food service opens at 12:00 and passengers take their meals while watching the views of Antalya. The activities of the animation team continue along the way and after the arrival of the waterfront at 13:15, photographic works are done in front of the waterfall. After the anchor is ironed again a 1-hour swimming break is given and at 14:15 again set off again BARBOSSA PIRATE’S Setur turns towards Marina. The Disco Foam Party, starting at 14:30, continues until 15:30.

Food & Beverage

In this round lunch, the main course of Chicken and Mackerel Fish; roasting hot peppers, pasta, mashed potatoes, peppers and eggplants; mash, haydari, barren salad, shepherd salad, seasonal salad, arugula salad, cabbage salad and varieties are served as salad. During the tour, all alcoholic and non-alcoholic local and soft drinks and hot drinks can be enjoyed without limit.

Ship Features

Barbossa Cruise has 44 meter length and 12 meter width dimensions. It consists of 5 floors, wc and sinks, cabins and photo studios on the 1st floor, indoor restaurant and bar with 200 seats on the 2nd floor, disco, bar and living rooms on the 3rd floor. There are DJ cabins, hot drink desks and living lodges on the floor, sun lounges on the 5th floor and a tropical bar.